Warp Dyed A/W 16

For this development, I wanted to create a line of warp dyed pieces for those who prefer neutrals.  The construction would be lighter in weight than my previous fall/winter collection but still warm enough to withstand the cool fall weather.  I began with a more colorful idea in mind, but wasn’t satisfied with the resulting color combinations or patterns.  The kinds of twills I wanted couldn’t be achieved with the weight of yarn I have, so I’ll leave that up to the Italians.

After putting so much time and energy in the tester, I decided to use a small frame to test out color combinations instead of weaving again.  I was able to come up with several combinations in suuuch a shorter period of time, I might be convinced to do it like this from now on.  I ended up using a few cones of recycled yarn in my stockpile, which was fun to create a limited run of scarves.

For production, I received orders for the white, gold, and dark charcoal warp.  The last photo includes a few pieces that are stocked at Kosa Arts in Oakland, CA.