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Looming Jane is a Brooklyn based hand woven textile studio founded in 2014.  We are a small business with the intention to produce woven goods made from American-grown yarns, and use natural dyes when needed.  Over a decade in the making, we’ve chosen to source fibers that are organic, harvested within the US, and environmentally friendly.  Our alpaca and wool fibers come from small farms and mills whose ethical treatment of animals aligns with our beliefs and allows us to build relationships that support the livelihoods of American communities.


Nearly as tall as the evergreens of the Pacific Northwest, I grew up in a small town outside of Seattle, Washington.  For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been a dreamer and observer.  My love of textiles grew from the necessity to sew my own garments due to my aforementioned stature by age 13.  I would soon come to learn that I am a descendant of farmers, homesteaders, seamstresses, artists, and tinkerers from whom I’ve inherited this gift.

My journey into textile design took the scenic route from adolescent sewing to fashion design, product development, and eventually to study textile design in New York.  While my previous training had taught me well, it also propelled my further interest in the pursuit of ethical and “slow” fashion for Looming Jane.  As an artist, I find inspiration in the smallest details, natural color and textures, and in the unending quest of hands-on experimentation.  Needless to say, the start to finish process lends great satisfaction to me and I’m happy to share this journey with you.


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  1. Wynelle says:

    I’m loving this!!! The baby monogrammed blanket was the first thing that caught my eye :-).
    Congratulations Krista. You will go places. Whoo hoo!!!!


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