Indigo + Organic Cotton

These scarves are the vegan version of the Cosmonaut that I’ve been obsessed with as of late. Except this time, I got it right with the indigo vat.  I’ll go into detail about my indigo failures and successes in a blog post this week, so stay tuned.  I used indigo from Botanical Colors (here), a company based out of Seattle, Washington…roughly where I say I’m from when people don’t know the Pacific Northwest.

To create these, I dyed the warp and weft together to ensure the same degree of indigo saturation or darkness.  It amazes me how soft the yarns become once they’re blue.  This was my first official indigo success and a considerable amount of woo-hoo-ing and dancing accompanied rinsing the yarns out.  After the celebrating, I measured out the warp alternating white and blue to create the color weave effect.  The same white/blue sequence is in the weft as well.