Kakishibu Time

My small time obsession with Kakishibu began after reading this blog.  I thought I’d try my hand at combining it with indigo as it’s a frequent marriage in traditional Japanese textiles.  While I don’t consider my style to be traditional at all, I do look for techniques to integrate and translate into my work.  Nine months of experimenting later, I feel I’m finally getting a grip on the basics and perfecting my notes and skills enough to be of useRead more

T-minus 10 seconds and counting…

After my previous study with mixing organic cotton and black alpaca, my mission has been set on creating a lighter version…something easier to wear than a mini rug.  Something to keep out the fall-time chill but light enough to ease the transition of seasons.  I had several cups of tea with fellow weaving friends on how to break down the construction and achieve what I want with this next round.  Well…here goes. I started with another huge learning curve, theRead more

Color Weave Effect Process

A color weave effect is made mainly by using the same sequence of colors in both the warp and weft. I’ve been experimenting with this concept of multiple patterns, color weave, and supplemental weft roving for a few years now…and every try is a different result. I’ve been awaiting the day when I get a more consistent outcome, and I think I may be close! Two shuttles are used when weaving this as well as hand placing roving in aRead more

Naturally Dyed Shibori

For these experiements, I’ve scoured multiple dyeing books, internet articles and blogs with varying degrees of helpfulness.  I had purchased many dried dyes from Carol Leigh at the HGA Convergence show that I was itching to try out.  After weaving 5 shibori scarves, I was a bit nervous to mess them up (considering my history in chemistry class).  I started on testers, or bits of shibori destined to open up the world of natural dyes to me. I began withRead more

Ik hou van Amsterdam

After leaving London, I traveled alone to Amsterdam by train.  I had been blessed with clear skies in London for several days (probably a record!), but was thus unlucky when arriving at my new locale.  Trying to navigate streets with names-longer-than-the-average while the rain is pouring, the feet are sloshing, the mood is irritable…can make for a bit of relief upon destination arrival.  Once I gathered my thoughts, maps, and drier clothes, I set off to explore this “free” cityRead more

Woven Shibori Time!

So this is my first venture into woven shibori and indigo dyeing.  I figure Go Big or Go Home!  I’ve read alot about it, and was finally prepared to experiment with this naturally fermented vat dye.  Unfortunately, I cheated quite a bit in high school chemistry, thereby making me believe I am not good with chemicals/measurements/everything scientific.  Alas, 3 batches of indigo dye later, I’ve only achieved the slimmest of blue color with this tester.  It’s enough to choose whichRead more