T-minus 10 seconds and counting…

After my previous study with mixing organic cotton and black alpaca, my mission has been set on creating a lighter version…something easier to wear than a mini rug.  Something to keep out the fall-time chill but light enough to ease the transition of seasons.  I had several cups of tea with fellow weaving friends on how to break down the construction and achieve what I want with this next round.  Well…here goes.

I started with another huge learning curve, the elusive indigo vat.  After reading blog after blog and book after book, I’d become a crazed textile lunatic to make this happen.  What I ended up with is a few solid shots on indigo on a pale green, holey felted construction.  In other words, something glorious and unexpected.  My left brain and part-German, full-Virgo characteristics had to step back a few days to fully appreciate the textiles before me but eventually, I got there.

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