Color Weave Effect Process

A color weave effect is made mainly by using the same sequence of colors in both the warp and weft. I’ve been experimenting with this concept of multiple patterns, color weave, and supplemental weft roving for a few years now…and every try is a different result. I’ve been awaiting the day when I get a more consistent outcome, and I think I may be close!

Two shuttles are used when weaving this as well as hand placing roving in a different pattern (or randomly as I prefer).  I’ve done several trials of this type of design, and each time I’ve changed how to process (wash) it to felt the alpaca fiber.  In the tester photos, you can see the difference between the before and after.  I love the look of felting, but not when it compromises the weave.  I’ve made several changes since then in how to proceed to get the look I want, those are yet to come.  I still love this concept as it’s a break from doing the same pattern throughout, and I can go where my curiosity takes me.

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