Woven Shibori Time!

So this is my first venture into woven shibori and indigo dyeing.  I figure Go Big or Go Home!  I’ve read alot about it, and was finally prepared to experiment with this naturally fermented vat dye.  Unfortunately, I cheated quite a bit in high school chemistry, thereby making me believe I am not good with chemicals/measurements/everything scientific.  Alas, 3 batches of indigo dye later, I’ve only achieved the slimmest of blue color with this tester.  It’s enough to choose which patterns I like, though not enough that I can afford to wash this piece to “see what happens.”  I’ve since gone into scientist mode with researching pH’s and water quality, the exact timing of putting in the lime, and amount of time to wait for bacteria to grow, signs to look for, etc.  Much to my chagrin, I am not an immediate indigo genius.  This will take time to perfect, and I’ve only begun on this path.  I tried in vain to sign up for an indigo dyeing workshop with world-renowned indigo dye expert, Michel Garcia…but the Maiwa website crashed immediately and for hours afterwards rendering my mission: impossible.  I was able to score a few Natural Dye Workshop DVD’s featuring Mr. Garcia from Slow Fiber Studios.  I will try to stay happy that my travel money is gaining me .001% interest in the bank instead of allowing me to learn hands-on.  So far, the videos have not disappointed and have only inspired another 20 techniques to work on.  Until I get the time…here is a tester using Organic Cotton from California.  USA! USA!


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