London Ahoy!

Let me start this texture and color post by mentioning that my trip took place some time ago.  I had the pleasure of a stop-over in Iceland for a few brief hours and it didn’t take long to be incredibly impressed by their individual bathrooms.  No waiting lines, no one tapping on the door or peeking through the cracks…just a snippet of public restroom privacy while traveling.

On to London…a city of great mystery and dripping with historical significance.  I instantly felt a haunting nostalgia around every corner, hiding the city’s secrets in plain sight.  Maybe it’s my fascination towards the morbid, real stories of days gone by, but I was especially struck when walking through the Tower of London, imagination in hand.  Gloomy peepholes, massively reinforced walls, and texture upon texture within the walls surely still haunted.

 I was told by a colleague to visit the Shoreditch area, which would be filled with all the street art I could possibly handle.  She did not disappoint.  The neighborhood reminded me a bit of Bushwick in Brooklyn, a melting pot of creativity, trash-lined streets, and street art tours filled with wide-eyed youths.  I am curious to know what the high-end boutiques pay for rent in the midst of gentrification here.  You know something is wrong if there are no old-timers wandering around the streets.

And then…on to Amsterdam!


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