I left my heart in San Francisco…

Is how I felt as of yesterday at 12pm. I’ve had my birthday weekend plans lined up for a few months now, my first trip to San Francisco. It’s a bit ridiculous that I’ve never been given the proximity to Seattle and all the bands I’ve listened to from the Bay Area since I was younger. Here’s to perfect timing! The business portion of my trip was to scope out some upscale menswear shops that could handle all the ideasRead more

London Ahoy!

Let me start this texture and color post by mentioning that my trip took place some time ago.  I had the pleasure of a stop-over in Iceland for a few brief hours and it didn’t take long to be incredibly impressed by their individual bathrooms.  No waiting lines, no one tapping on the door or peeking through the cracks…just a snippet of public restroom privacy while traveling. On to London…a city of great mystery and dripping with historical significance.  IRead more