Indigo + Earth Alpaca

Along with my leap from corporate America to self-employment in the New Year, I also decided to upgrade my equipment to a 16 harness AVL Dobby loom that my friend was no longer using.  While I anticipated a huge learning curve (after moving and assembling of course!), I’m also good at working out mechanical glitches in no time.  It’s a rare gift to love challenges and finding solutions, so I attribute this quality to my Father aka Mr. Fix It.

After gathering information from my friend and the 100+ page manual, I setup the loom in less than 2 days.  The hard part came not in my first project but in my first production of these scarves.  I had tension issues on top of tension issues.  While I wove the previous all cotton warp with ease and tight tension, this blend was not having it.  Instead, it decided to shred the weft with the sandpaper beam as I continued to weave.  I did assign my loom a pronoun as I firmly believe it was teaching me a lesson intentionally.  Off went the emails for troubleshooting advice to AVL, and I’m pretty sure I showed them something new.  Of course!  With their advice and much trial, error, experimenting and swearing, I was able to get it under control.  For now.  Every project is different, and I approach the loom the same for now…strong and confident while crossing my fingers behind my back.

I’ve wanted to mix indigo with an earthy reddish brown for a while, it’s a look I had in mind for men.  Turns out, looks just as good on me (and I’m no man).