Color Weave Plains

One of the many ideas on my billboard-sized list was to do a group of plain weaves using the color weave effect.  One solid warp, one solid weft.  Maximum efficiency.  What I didn’t plan on encountering was more tension problems leading to interesting fading effects and the subtlety that light colors have together.

I began this group in the week preceding my latest trip to San Francisco to approach small boutiques about carrying my scarves.  In development were countless color combinations, five different warp options…all in what I envisioned to be a masculine selection.  Of course, gender color stereotypes in fashion is really crap as is evidenced by the plethora of men who rock pink everyday.  So at this point, I will only claim that my collection was inspired by menswear, but not solely targeted to them.  That being said, it goes to show that I wore several of my scarves, looked sharp, and was not mistaken for a man.  There’s a first time for everything!

So here are a few of the many samples that were woven into scarves, with so much planned for my future in plain weave.  This may be the only kind of project where any tension issues created “happy” accidents in the weave and where the temptation to curl up into my sample bag on the airplane was oh so strong.  All those years of being an intern and perfecting the skills of my left brain hemisphere paid off in my short, exhausting/exhilarating trip.  Simply put, I cannot wait to go back!