When I was gifted my first floor loom around 2010, I was also sent home with an enormous stash of Japanese yarns of every fiber variety.  Mostly natural colors, skeins of silk begging to be dyed or even used.  Who knows how long they sat in the box before they fell into my hands.  It would still be years after I received them to consider the lot for my own projects let alone production.  As the walls of my Brooklyn studio began to grow shelves, and the shelves began to multiply, the space around me suddenly began to shrink.  Cone after cone staring at me from their perfect upright position, begging to be used.  I began to find it ridiculous to play this waiting game and made a deep dive into the box of wild skeins galore.  Upon surfacing, fists full of sticking silk threads, I took several days to wind a few skeins of colored silk into balls.  At 18,000+ yards per pound, my arm and patience were at their limit.  My efforts were rewarded when I made these initial samples.  A few tweaks and collaborations later, a new collection was made for a shop in Sag Harbor, and a crowd favorite was born.