Color Weave Effect Scarves

The Story of Making:

This concept came from wanting to be spontaneous with weaving, playing with treadling sequences and throwing in roving wherever I deemed necessary.  The original scarf is shown in wool and silk that I acquired through an internship at Larsen in their former SoHo studio.  I brought home cones upon cones of silk, linen, wool, plastic and paper yarns during their move to Paris, it was almost embarrassing how much yarn I hoarded (and still do!).  I really liked the idea of changing my mind mid-work and having a more organic process which isn’t normally the case with weaving patterns.   I’ve since explored duplicating this look with sustainable materials and the goal of a softer hand feel.  I happened upon a supplier of US-based alpaca yarn and am in the process of having custom yarn spun to create the look shown.

In the meantime, here are a few scarves created with US-grown alpaca and Sally Fox’s Organic Cotton grown in California.   These are incredibly thick and warm, perfect for our bone-chilling NY winter.  With one overlap, these will create a neck fortress to save you from the evillll cold!