Prints & Sketches

Hand sketching has been a favorite pastime of mine that has fallen to the wayside next to computer generated “art.”  When I do get the time, I love getting a bit of India Ink under my fingernails and am slow to fully clean the experience away.  I feel that if I clean it away, I will sooner forget the moment happened where I had time to sit and draw.

In the beginning, I experimented with blending watercolors with an overlay of India Ink.  I moved on to making impressions with watercolors to get the “underwater” look.  I have some future plans for these to come…

The third image is an India Ink sketch that I created in multiple layers on vellum for an album cover concept.  This took quite some time and I look forward to the time when I can dedicate myself to another one of these.

The last images are drawings from art school, where I loved playing with shadows and depth with charcoal.  The floral is from a nature studies course that I find blends the delicacy and rigidity that flowers can sometimes embody.