To my fellow lovers of wearing all-black, this is for you.  I’ve recently learned a bit of psychology behind wearing black, beyond the mysterious and intimidating effect it can have.  While wearing other colors, the story of your mood and character are told, an unsolicited look inside your daily emotions and feelings are laid bare.  Those who wear black are denying this unconscious quest for emotional knowledge, and are instead all the more mysterious and “dangerous” in this denial.  Growing up in an angst-y suburb, I had neither the knowledge of this nor the intent to be so manipulative in my wardrobe.  I wore all black simply because it was a means of setting oneself apart, to visibly be different in the most basic form of silent protest.

Paying homage to my youth, I’ve launched the first of many all-black scarves.  My intent was to create a chunky and long look with multiple textured layers, a sense of drama sweeping around the neck if you will.  The black alpaca captures this textured effect when using different thicknesses of yarn along with the felted finishing.  The possibilities of these are endless, with the length being as long as is desired.  In my opinion, the longer, the better.