Kakishibu Time

My small time obsession with Kakishibu began after reading this blog.  I thought I’d try my hand at combining it with indigo as it’s a frequent marriage in traditional Japanese textiles.  While I don’t consider my style to be traditional at all, I do look for techniques to integrate and translate into my work.  Nine months of experimenting later, I feel I’m finally getting a grip on the basics and perfecting my notes and skills enough to be of useRead more

The Indigo Trials

My first experiences with indigo that peaked my interest were a bit how I imagine Oz seems to look from the outside.  Beautiful.  Idyllic.  Carefree.  I started by taking a few classes in beautiful Brooklyn loft spaces and community gardens with perfect vats and vivid blue results.  Once I began my own trials, however, it was much more like going behind the scenes and meeting the Wizard behind it all.  My false sense of indigo-security was evident from my firstRead more

Naturally Dyed Shibori

For these experiements, I’ve scoured multiple dyeing books, internet articles and blogs with varying degrees of helpfulness.  I had purchased many dried dyes from Carol Leigh at the HGA Convergence show that I was itching to try out.  After weaving 5 shibori scarves, I was a bit nervous to mess them up (considering my history in chemistry class).  I started on testers, or bits of shibori destined to open up the world of natural dyes to me. I began withRead more